A simple switch makes the need for keys obsolete

Lock lock’s easy switch protection makes you free from the worry of keys.

Handle up.. Lock
Switch down.. Lock

Choose a design best suited to your taste


“Lock Lock makes it easier to see that you have locked your door in the dark!”

Did you ever have to come back down the stairs and fall, just to check on the front door? Not anymore! Lock Lock has a bright little area, which will keep your heart at ease by showing that you did lock your door so you can see you are protected.

No keys, no fuss

In case of an emergency, who would want to waste precious time trying to look for keys. Even if the chance of an emergency is rare, there has to be no insecurities when it comes to protecting your family!

With Lock Lock, you can be sure that this will never happen to you and your family. You just flick the switch and get out. Hopefully you’ll never need to worry about it, but why take the risk?

The sound of protection:

The loud click sounds keep your heart at ease that you have made your family safer.

The Flawless Match

Lock lock matches all PVC and composite doors. Even other doors with a standard 122mm or 211mm back plate fixing. Your protection has never been so simple before.

The Elegant Match

As a cherry on top, Lock Lock does not need extra work to be fitted to your door. Just buy Lock Lock and replace you existing handle yourself with just 2 screws, no need to pay someone else and you don’t need to be a ‘handyman’. Simple, elegant, perfect!


lock lock handle

howlocklockprotects2 Convenience
lock lock handle


Ultra convenient with night time reassurance

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Unrivalled protection, securing you and your family

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