200,000 TIMES

Lock Lock has been tested over 200,000 times, making it a veteran lock! Lock Lock has achieved EN 1906 Grade 7 in its protection and life quality test. Lock Lock stood the test of opening and closing it 200,000 times, (Opening cycle test) in an independent test situation. This is equivalent to maintaining a high quality despite being opened 4 times daily for a time span of 136 years!! The cycle is usually done 100,00 times to test a lock. Lock Lock achieved double the accreditation requirement!

Lock Lock

200,000 cycles

Accreditation requirement

100,000 cycles

...and still counting

…and is still on the roll! Lock Lock’s flawless and elegant design and double layer of nickel and copper makes it invincible to salt water. Our test was on the polished chrome variant, where typical testing is completed on Stainless options. It successfully achieved 480 hours to bag the top most grade in EN 19-6:2012 corrosion standard. And is still standing tall with heading for 4 times the test requirement..


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Perfectly styled with double life span

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