Safety un wavered even with break in attempts

The lock-block feature prevents the handle from engaging. When the handle doesn’t move, the door will not open.

You never have to meet a thief with Lock Lock

See how a conventional lock & handle works when a thief arrives.

protectionbanner Protection

In 2016, almost 100,000 victims to burglaries were home when thieves attacked.

Out of every 100 thefts, 26 residents saw the thief.

Lock lock has a firm hold.

Even the best of burglars cannot hold Lock lock because of its curvaceous appearance and grip. No matter how hard the intruder tries, even if the thief calls for re-enforcement, Lock Lock is only meant to be handled and opened by you.

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The Spindle with extra protection

Every character of Lock Lock makes it safer and enables it to protect you more. Our patented spindle style, along with the firm grip fixing, makes it impossible for an intruder to attempt to open it. Lock Lock will become a burglar’s worst nightmare.

lock 720x720 Protection


Why opt for average protection when you can choose protection that comes with a failsafe? With Lock Lock, your home is locked and locked. That means double the protection for you and your family. The handle must be turned up and the hooks engaged before the switch can be operated. So you don’t just lock your door. You Lock Lock it.

Choose a design best suited to your taste

Power in all components

In 2015, 75 out of 100 thieves came in through the door. So, a tough handle adds to your safety. Lock Lock walls have double the thickness, 3mm, providing it with extra strength. Traditional door handles don’t have the power within you get with Lock Lock.

A smaller cylinder keeps a burglar away

If your Cylinder projects outside of your handle it makes it easier for thieves to break. Thieves use the grip while attempting to forcefully open a lock. The cylinder can be hidden inside the body of Lock Lock, keeping your loved ones safe by keeping burglars away.

protectgrip Protection

Lock Lock keeps you safe even the cylinder is broken

Even if the body is broken, the strength of the inside spindle will keep you safe and sound. The key-free feature makes it easier for you to handle the lock as well. The on-switch turns on protection within a second, and preventing you from all the stress of keeping keys safe. No key and with extra protection, this makes Lock Lock the best.



Old M5 bolts are used in conventional handles. Lock Lock uses 210% more powerful 12.9 grade M6 steel alloy bolts, making Lock Lock stronger than other Handles.


Ultra convenient with night time reassurance

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Unrivalled protection, securing you and your family

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